Never worked with a Virtual PA before? No worries! Here are some of the most common questions us VAs get asked. If you need any more information, just give me a shout!

What are your hours of business?

SueCo Virtual Assistance is here to assist you during the following hours:

Core Hours:

Monday to Thursday, 10am to 5pm

Flexible start and finish times are available to assist clients in different time zones.

What if I need assistance outside of your core hours?

Urgent work requested to take place outside of normal working hours is charged as follows:

Evenings (Monday-Thursday)

Between Monday and Thursday, work outside of core hours is charged / deducted at 1.5 times the client’s hourly rate.

Weekends (Friday-Sunday) and Holidays

Between Friday and Sunday, or during SueCo or Public Holidays work outside of core hours is charged / deducted at twice the client’s hourly rate.

What is your hourly rate?

Virtual business support is priced according to business size and is offered as a monthly package, or Pay As You Go basis.

Monthly Packages are priced at £240 per month for 8 hours.

Pay as you Go is perfect for ad-hoc requests. The core hourly rate of £30.00 per hour or 15-minute increments thereof. This rate also applies to any additional hours not covered by a package.

What is the most cost efficient way to hire you?

Your most cost-efficient option for engaging business support is by purchasing a monthly package.  There are no minimum charges and time is deducted by the minute

Monthly packages are flexible; I assign your hours based on deadlines and workload.

Hours are purchased in advance for use throughout the month as the need arises and are re-set at the beginning of each month.

What happens if I don't use all my hours?

I strongly encourage clients to use all the hours they purchase as part of a monthly package. Unfortunately, hours can not be not be carried over.

What are your monthly packages?

I offer three monthly packages:


The smallest package available consists of 5 hours per month at a cost of £122.50, which represents an hourly rate of £24.50.


The standard package consists of 10 hours per month at a cost of £240, which represents an hourly rate of £24.00.


The premier package consists of 20 hours per month at a cost of £460, which represents an hourly rate of £23.00.

If you wish to purchase more than 20 hours per month, please contact me to discuss pricing.

How do monthly hours work?

Hours are purchased in advance at the beginning of each month, for use throughout the month as your need arises.

Hours are then re-set at the beginning of the next month.

I'm on a monthly package - how is my time deducted?

I keep a log of all the time spent working on your account and that time is deducted from your purchased hours in minutes. This log is available for you to view at any time.

What are your payment terms?

Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices are subject to payment via Bank Transfer within 3 days of the invoice date.

Unless part of a monthly package, graphics, websites and any other stand-alone projects will be released upon receipt of payment.

What's your refund policy?

I pride myself on providing a quality service, but nobody’s perfect! If I do make a mistake, I will rectify it free of charge, so long as I’m made aware of the error within 48 hours of the work being completed. Further alterations, additions or amendments requested after this time will be charged / deducted at the appropriate rate.

What's your cancellation policy?

Crikey! Let’s get started first!

Pay as you Go hourly contracts are subject to a 14-day cancellation period. If cancellation occurs after work has commenced, all work undertaken will become chargeable at the appropriate rate, including all applicable minimum charges and any expenses.

Monthly packages require one month’s notice in writing. Clients will be entitled to receive assistance until the last working day of the month in which cancellation is received.

SueCo Virtual Assistance reserves the right to terminate a client’s contract with 7 days’ notice, which will be given in writing. In the event of irreconcilable differences, SueCo Virtual Assistance reserves the right to terminate a client’s contract with immediate effect.

All terminations of service must be notified in writing and all requests for the cancellation of services must be received and acknowledged. SueCo Virtual Assistance accepts no responsibility for the non-receipt of cancellation requests.

I'm still unsure. Where can I find more information?

If you’d like to discuss your options, let’s arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION meeting by telephone or Skype. If you prefer to chat in person, that’s also an option. I’m always up for a great cup of coffee. Drop me a line and let’s get started.