Business Terms and Prices

Hours of Business

SueCo Virtual Assistance (SueCo) is here to assist you during the following hours:


Core Hours:         

Monday to Thursday, 10am to 5pm.

Flexible start and finish times are available, to assist clients in different time zones.


Evenings (Monday-Thursday)

Between Monday and Thursday, urgent work which takes place outside of core hours is charged at 1.5 times the client's core hourly rate.


Weekends and Holidays (Public or SueCo)

Urgent work undertaken at between Friday and Sunday, or during SueCo or Public Holidays is charged by the hour at all times, at twice the core hourly rate.

Monthly Packages

Monthly packages are your most cost-efficient option for engaging business support.  You will benefit from discounts over the core hourly rates and avoid minimum charges.


Monthly packages are flexible; SueCo Virtual Assistance assigns your hours, based on deadlines and workload.


Hours are purchased in advance, for use throughout the month as your need arises and are re-set at the beginning of each month.

MINI:  5 hours per month


STANDARD:  10 hours per month


PREMIER:  20 hours per month


If you wish to purchase more than 20 hours per month,

please contact me to discuss pricing.

Virtual Business Support

Unless otherwise specified, virtual business support is priced according to business size and charged by the hour or 15 minute increments thereof.


Micro Businesses (1-9 employees) - from £23 per hour


SMEs  (10-99 employees) - from £28 per hour


Rates are available for larger businesses.  Please contact SueCo Virtual Assistance to discuss terms.

TV Festival Diary Planning

Television Festival Diary Planning is charged in three tiers, subject to the date of your written confirmation of services.


Early Bird Package - from £28 per hour 

SueCo must be engaged no later than 8 weeks prior to festival start date.


Regular Package - from £33 per hour 

SueCo is engaged between 2 and 8 weeks prior to the festival start date.

Late Notice Package - from £38 per hour

SueCo is engaged less than 14 days prior to the festival start date.



Gold Package - £300 per page plus expenses** 

Full service to production, including: sourcing articles, conducting interviews, photography and image creation, writing and editing articles, attending events if required, layout, final .pdf document for electronic distribution and distribution either to client or to a supplied e-mail distribution list.


Silver Package - £200 per page plus expenses** 

Creation and editorial produced entirely from articles and images supplied by the client. Image creation is available at a charge of £40 per image.


Bronze Package - £100 per page plus expenses** 

1 page initial Newsletter layout and design, including Masthead.


** Expenses include all out of pocket costs, including any travel to and from meetings and/or events.


Digital Newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns available on request.

Audio Typing

Audio Typing starts at 50p per completed (transcribed) minute.


As an average, one completed minute generally equates to 4-5 times the length of an audio minute.

Photo Editing

Photo Editing is charged at £28 per hour or 15 minute increments thereof at all times.***  A minimum charge of £14 applies. 


This rate assumes the final image is digital and supplied to the client electronicially.  Printed images are available, but will incur printing and P&P costs.


Photographs should be supplied to SueCo Virtual Assistance in the highest resolution possible.  Single photographs and small selections will be accepted by e-mail. Large quantities should be supplied via Dropbox, SkyDrive or on a CD.  E-mail and postal details will be supplied during the order process.

IMPORTANT: When supplying images, clients are reminded to NEVER send originals.  Your photos are precious and whilst we endeavour to work from local copies, SueCo Virtual Assistance cannot be held responsible for lost originals.


*** Except when photo editing is undertaken as part of a Virtual Assistance or Newsletter package, when the appropriate rates will apply.